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Paula Doohan

Dog Listener


"Thanks to Paula I can now enjoy my dog with no stress. I never heard gypsy snore until after taking paula's advice with the training and steps she gave me,and I couldn't believe the first night he lay down and started snoring. He was exhausted from looking after me day in and day out,stressed out was putting it mindly and I didn't realise that everything I was doing before I met Paula was actually making him worse.

I first went to Paula because gypsy was having issues with food and I was concerned that he might become agressive so I approached paula. Within two hours in Paula's company I was already seeing a different dog.

Now it was putting these steps into action myself and getting rid of old habits....this was the tricky bit.

Good on ya Paula!!

I learnt so much from Paula and I'm still learning.I was blaming the dog for things he was doing but in fact it was my behaviour in spoiling him and letting him be the Alpha that caused the bad behaviour.The changes had to start with me.

Gypsy is very different now, he is more chilled out and less anxious.He still can test me from time to time but what I have learnt from Paula I have put into practise every day, and I'm the top dog!

I was so interested in the work that Paula did I even made a short DVD for a college project that involved older and younger people in the community, and making people aware that there is a Dog Listener who can help,because everyone loves their dog right?! "

Ger & Gypsy

" thank You so much for Your help with me lovely puppy Nua She is so different now-when I'm following Your advice, so relaxed and happy and I am far more relaxed and happy too, no more shouting: no! stop! don't! get down! simple and effective method and pup blissfully sleeps in her bed, stopped jumping on people and sofa, no panic when I'm gone, no problems when I'm back, HAPPY DAYS of happy dog and happy owner" Gaia

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a trainer you can trust. Paula Doohan was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”Andrea .