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Bringing your new puppy home !

Posted on August 21, 2011 at 7:42 PM Comments comments (230)
Write your post here.Bringing a new puppy or dog home
Dogs are not toys and should be treated with the respect that they deserve. They are not there to be man handled, and until your child is old enough to learn respect for animals, it is up to you as parents to supervise any interaction your child has with your dog. If you are considering getting a dog and already have children in the family you must make sure that you have thought the idea through thoroughly before making the trip to the breeder or the local rescue centre. You need to make sure that you have the time, energy, but most of all an open mind and the patience to take on a dog. You must never consider buying a dog purely because the kids have pleaded with you incessantly for one. It is not wise to get a dog purely to keep the kids amused. Dogs are feeling, breathing creatures, not babysitters!! 
Can you afford to keep a dog regularly fed, watered, wormed and vaccinated? What will you do with a dog when it comes to going on holiday? All these questions and more need to be answered before considering taking on a dog. If, however, you can honestly say that you can offer all these things to a dog and decide to get one, then provided you let the dog know where its place is within your "pack's" pecking order from day one, you can then experience one of the best relationships you will ever know. 
If you have chosen the breeder route you will be getting an 8 week old puppy, No reputable breeder will let a puppy go before this 8 weeks of age  mark .
From the age of 6 weeks on is vital for a puppy to be in its pack this is very important as this is when they are at their noisiest and the fighting and biting can seem horrendous. Puppies have to learn when they bite too hard and this learning begins in the litter with the dam (mother dog ) to supervise. If you think about it !, when did you ever see an 8 week old pup leave its mother with behaviour issues ?, it normally takes 2-3 weeks for any issues to arise ,
It takes a few weeks for a puppy to suss out its new owners and its new surroundings, it takes a few hours for a human to spoil a dog .
Before you know it your puppy is pushing its boundaries and then confusion and frustration kicks in all around for puppy and owner .
Lets back track to the first day you took the puppy home , What did you do ? Did all the relatives come around to cuddle and make a fuss of “fluffy “
Did you carry “fluffy “ about all day? . Did you let “fluffy “ up on your knee? Did you set up a feeding station where “fluffy” came and ate whenever he/she liked ? Did you jump to see what was wrong every time “fluffy “ whimpered ,? When you put “fluffy “ to bed for the night , how many times did you come down to console “fluffy” or did you give in and take “fluffy” to the bedroom with you ? The all important question for the first day is , Did you get cross or dunk “fluffy’s “ nose when there was a house training accident ?
Think about this from “fluffys “ point of view , You have taken this poor wee pup away from its littermates, its mother and everything it knew and you stuck it into a manmade world and expected the wee puppy to know how to behave! You get negative and either dunk its nose in a puddle or scream NO – already on day number one the trust is gone !
Dogs and pups that “obey” out of fear is not a nice thing to see, Dogs and pups that want to please you because they trust you with their lives is a fantastic thing to see .
All to often I hear don’t train the dog until its 6 mths odd , I ask why ?
Why would anyone let a dog run amuck for 6 mths or so and then decide they have to train the dog .Training begins the day the dog becomes a part of your life .Prevention is far better than cure .Training in my eyes for the first few weeks is not sit, stay, stand on your head etc . It’s a case of my house my rules and setting boundaries .